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 Topics relate to my Theological Projects:
  • Doctrine of Man
  • Theological Anthropology
  • Self, Identity and Relationality
  • Otherness and Difference

2 thoughts on “Interesting

  1. Novel, i enjoyed reading your article ‘the self and the other’. The topic of identity and relationality have been in my mind since I was little: growing up as a christian in a very strict moslem culture.

    I think not only me, but human being in general will always feel integrated with and yet alienated from other people at the same time. Multiculturalism and our separation with Our Father in heaven are the key reasons for that.

    Please question more and write more….
    Hope to be able to discuss this thing with you in person one day…

  2. Hi Orry,

    I’m glad that you like it. Yes, it is an interesting topic to be discussed. I hope that we’ll be able to discuss about it someday.
    Now I’m working on the same topic, “the person and relationality”, from Christian Theological perspective. Just wait… I’ll post it soon.

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