Why do we have to be hostile each other?

The problem of difference and otherness sometime creates hatred among human beings. This hatred can lead to enmity and result in killing among human beings. How can it be?

For some person, the reason is the difference of belief or the doctrine of the religion. They proclaims that they stands for the True Religious doctrine against the False doctrine, which they call heresy (bida’ah). These kind of persons “claims” that they hold the right or the true doctrine from God. The others who are different from them and whose belief different from their “belief” are seen as heretic and “believed” threatening their “true” belief. Therefore, they must eliminates the others who are different from them. Sometimes – and this is worse! – they “use” God to justifies their action.

Below, I put a link to YouTube that show a video from the “Tabligh Akbar” which was held by the fundamentalist Moslem in Indonesia. In the video you can watch them cursing the Ahmadiyah’s and blaming the government for the tolerance to the Ahmadiyah. This kind of “faith” has spoiled the goodness and kindness of Islam as a religion which also teach about the love toward others.

Kotbah yang Mencoreng Citra Islam


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